Tugobe Corona Campaign: Boda Boda riders trained to join the sensitization campaign


Kampala, Friday, 16th October 2020 - Private Sector Foundation Uganda today flags off Safeboda riders to join the sensitization team in the campaign dubbed “Tugobe Corona. Wear A Mask.” 

SafeBoda is one of the partners in the campaign, and their riders will enrich the sensitization campaign through engaging and ensuring that their peers, clients where they deliver goods, as well as passengers wear a mask at all times. 

The focus of the Tugobe Corona campaign is to demonstrate how to wear a mask correctly to control the spread of the virus. Wearing a mask is one of the most flexible and appropriate recommended Standard Operating Procedure by the Ministry of Health

Selected Bodaboda riders were successfully trained at the Safeboda Academy located in Ntinda on the effects of COVID19 to individuals and businesses, and how to implore their audiences to wear a mask correctly.

“Uganda’s cases to-date have passed the 10,000 mark, with more than 80 deaths. Therefore, COVID-19 remains a big challenge for all of us, and as the apex body of the private sector we have the challenge to have our workers and consumers remain alive and healthy to help grow our businesses.” Said Gideon Badagawa, Executive Director, PSFU.

He added, “We have to join in the fight against COVID19 to ensure that our businesses stay operational effectively by wearing a mask, among other SOPs”

The Bodaboda riders are one of the essential stakeholders for our community, and they have supported us in sustaining businesses through offering transportation of people to work, as well as delivering goods and services.

“The Boda boda industry is joining an economic fight to save lives and businesses from the global pandemic. We are joining this campaign to invest in the spirit of togetherness to defeat COVID19 in Uganda.” Said Ricky Rapa Thompson, Co-Founder Safeboda

Signed: Gideon Badagawa