Private Sector One Dollar HIV & AIDS Initiative


The One Dollar HIV & AIDS Initiative Uganda (ODI) is a private sector led innovative mechanism aimed at raising domestic resources to support HIV & AIDS national response. HIV & AIDS does not only affect consumption and profitability of business but also destabilizes the overall business environment in the Country.

ODI’s purpose therefore is to engage the private sector to create an endowment fund to support treatment and to stop the flow of new infections. 

The ODI clearly aligns with the HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act (2014) which emphasizes the value of multi-sector collaboration and increased domestic investment in health as one of the ways that will ensure its sustainable control.

The walk/run kicked off from City Square, Kampala to UMA Show grounds and it was under the theme ‘Until it’s over’. 

Mr. Patrick Bitature said, “This is not a tax but a moral obligation for every Ugandan to make a commitment by contributing at least one dollar (Shs 4,000) and this can be done once a year, every month, every week or every day.” 

The Chairperson, One Dollar Initiative, Vinand Nantulya said that the campaign is aimed at building an endowment fund worth US$ 1 billion over a period of 5 years which when invested through banks in form of treasury bills and bonds should give at least 10 percent interest. 

We encourage members of the Private Sector to donate generously to this cause. Find out how to donate from PSFU offices