Jena Herbal Uganda- PSFU In Collaboration To Create 10,000 Jobs by 2024

This morning, Private Sector Foundation Uganda had the opportunity to host Dr. Patrick Engeu Ogwang, the creator of Jena Herbal Ug, the makers of Covidex Herbal drug in Uganda, and its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Oketch David at PSFU offices.

Covidex Herbal Medicine has greatly contributed to the battle against the Covid-19 in Uganda. Prof. Ogwang informed us that Jena Herbal Uganda has the potential to employ over 10 million Ugandans in different sectors including value chain, production, management, pharmaceutical, and others.

PSFU is committed to supporting Dr. Patrick Engeu Ogwang and team towards the growth of the pharmaceutical sector and export of Herbal pharmaceutical products in the region and beyond and is privileged to have Jena Herbal Uganda as both a partner and member to create 10,000 work opportunities for the youth as suppliers of raw materials and distributors.  Jena Herbal Uganda will be under the Lead Firm Structure project which aims to create 300,00,000 work opportunities for Youth in Uganda by 2024.