Right from its inception, PSFU has been Government’s implementation partner for several projects and programmes aimed at strengthening the private sector as an engine of economic growth.

PSFU continues to expand and scale up its reach from merely providing information, projects/grants management, training and Business development support, into a diverse private sector think tank and innovation hub with a new stable platform for future growth and sustainability. It is transitioning into a value-based and ethically driven entity. The theme selected for PSFU’s current planning cycle (2016-2019) is “Technology-Driven Solutions, Collaboration and Innovation to Deliver Competitiveness”.

Our Current focus is to improve livelihoods and competitiveness through increased number of investments, jobs, income growth and Exports. This will stimulate local demand. PSFU has offered to do this through;

  1. A structured approach to service delivery by Sector
  2. A new value proposition (Offering Value beyond the current mandate)
  3. Building partnerships and collaboration (Government & Dev partners)
  4. Innovations/linkages within business models – creating efficiency